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This client had acquired two large businesses in its US operations and the project required bringing up to 5,500 employees onto the clients HRIS and harmonising benefits.  The original project pricing using a third party was approximately $2m and if the project was not completed within 4 months, the client was at risk of paying a $50m penalty to the vendor.


One of the GPI team took accountability for the project and working with the client and the third party provided managed to deliver the project on time, saved the client approximately $1m in project costs and avoided having to pay the $50m penalty.


The project success was measured on the basis of the following;


* All employees of the acquired businesses were migrated to the clients systems within the timeframe with no disruption to service or delivery; an ancillary benefit was unit cost of processing fell and process cost savings of $4m per annum were realised

* All benefits were harmonised to the client’s platform and additional savings in employee benefits costs and wellness programs were realised through increased scale

* Efficiencies of process were realised and redundant systems were retired resulting in additional cost savings

* Full compliance was maintained and there was no significant impact on turnover