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High Net-Worth Assignment

A client with assets in a number of family controlled entities approached GPI to discuss options for generating more cash return from their investments. 

A review was undertaken to better understand what the client’s existing asset mix was and how these investments were being managed. The following was identified;

  • Investments were a combination of low yielding rural properties and listed shares
  • Investments were achieving reasonable capital growth, but were generating limited cash return
  • While a number of investment advisers were being used to manage assets across the family managed entities, there was no co-ordinated investment strategy in place to address the specific needs of the client

GPI then engaged the client’s investment advisors to review the client’s investment goals, risk profile and asset allocation. Subsequently a plan was created and the following actions were undertaken;

  • Creation of a framework in which the investment advisors acted in a coordinated manner to achieve the clients investment goals 
  • In conjunction with advisors, set clear and achievable investment goals and targets incorporating the clients risk profile and requirement for cash returns
  • The regular review and validation of investment goals and objectives
  • The provision of high level asset allocation advice that was aligned to the clients risk profile and investment goals

As a result of GPI intervention, the client was able to realise improved cash flow and more effective mix and performance from their asset base.