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Global Mining Services Company - HPP

An underperforming COO in the Mining Services Industry was perceived as having negative, self destructive tendencies that were having a negative impact on both his performance and that of his company/division. Coaching was identified as the best way to address these issues.


GPI undertook a capability analysis to identify the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. As part of this review GPI identified a number of self destructive tendencies which were holding the client back.

The individual was made aware of these negative behaviours and the impact it was having on both him and the business.


Subsequently intensive coaching was provided to the client with the aim of eliminating these negative behaviours, and instead to use his energies to focus on positive strategic initiatives that would motivate his team to achieve better results.


As a result of these activities;


* Within a 12 month period the Client was transformed into an effective and high performing COO

* He successfully identified and implemented a number of initiatives which resulted in cost reductions, reduced industrial relations issues and the adoption of industry best practice.

* These initiatives also enabled the business to subsequently be sold at a significant premium