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Global Mining Services Company

Divergent work practices and standards at a mining service company’s numerous fly in/fly out camps had resulted in a range of issues including;

* Excessive administration and other costs

* Staff dissatisfaction

* Industrial relations issues were increasing in delivery staff

* Difficulty comparing performance between camps


Each camp was run independently, and fly in/fly out staff had to deal with a range of inconsistent standards and work practices when working from different camps. Both fly in/fly out staff and the mining companies were unhappy with the inconsistencies. 


Working with GPI, the client was able to establish plans, strategies and measurable goals which resulted in the following course of action;


* Identified and implemented company/site best practices across all sites

* Standardised processes, controls and work practices across all sites

* Instituted checklists and self reporting mechanisms across all sites to allow management review and audits

* Key staff performance coaching


As a result of the above activities, the client achieved the following outcomes;


* Achieved consistency and uniformity across mining sites within a 12 month period

* Reduced the instance of industrial relations issues

* Costs were reduced significantly

* Allowed the business to be sold at a significant premium shortly after these improvements were implemented