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Our Process

Exploration of Issues, Challenges & Opportunities


Knowing where the issues are coming from is often half the battle.  That is why we start every intervention with a diagnostic.


We meet with business stakeholders including the sponsor and decision makers to explore key business issues, challenges and opportunities. These discussions will include how the business emerged in its current situation, key risks and issues faced by the business, potential mitigations plus key strategic considerations


The initial diagnostic phase is short and laser-focussed on the core priorities that can determine the opportunities to stabilise and/or yield sustained future success of the business. This phase is characterised by detailed discussions, meetings or workshops and a calibrated litmus test/diagnostic to confirm and validate information and ascertain the state of play.


Diagnostic & Validation


We then run a series of detailed corporate diagnostics to validate information provided and obtain additional required data and metrics to complete the diagnostic.  Typically during this phase a GPI team may work within or closely with the business as an advisory board or advisory executive committee, with full access and cooperation from the existing directors, executives and employees. 


After the diagnostics are completed, a review of the results is undertaken between GPI and business sponsors to validate findings and confirm approval to proceed.


Action Plan for Growth & Success


Once agreement is reached with the business sponsor, a longer operational stage is launched.  This operational stage involves a “custom-fit for purpose” team working within and across the business on a clear mandate to build out the solution.


Solutions are then modelled and the results are tested against the initial hypothesis. A range of metrics are identified and applied that will focus on measuring results and outputs and fine tuning is applied as necessary.


There is a review at this point and if there is agreement to proceed, an implementation plan is developed.


Executing the Plan – Your Implementation Partner


The final stage is execution of the implementation plan.  As your implementation partner, the GPI team has proven skills and experience across a the following activities;

* Managing stakeholders
* Business stabilisation
* Devising and applying financial strategies
* Executing operational and system based process improvements
* Identification of quick wins delivering maximum impact
* Identifying and managing Key Personnel changes and re-organisation
* Business design and restructure
* Developing “go to market” strategies that are success focused


Once applied and the business has stabilised and moved into a positive position based on the observation of agreed key metrics, a ‘go-forward’ operating plan is created which includes the following;


* The phased withdrawal of the turnaround team
* A ‘go forward’ team who is up to the task of sustaining and building on business success
* Mentoring and coaching of the ‘go-forward’ team
* Establishing or agreeing regular review and remediation processes to keep on track