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Our Approach

Unique Partnering Relationship


GPI’s unique proposition is predicated on establishing a partnering relationship with our clients.


At the heart of this proposition is a partnership arrangement where GPI shares in both the risk and the reward of an intervention. By sharing some of the transaction risk, we remain focused on identifying a fit for purpose solution that creates a sustainable and rewarding outcome.


Realise Your Growth Potential


This partnership enables the client to realise their growth potential, to achieve continued success for the business and to maximise returns to stakeholders.


By isolating the key issues impacting business performance and supporting the client to identify and implement optimal solutions they improve their bottom line and increase value.


Flexible Competitive Fee Structure


Our business model and distinctive and adaptable approach to our fee structure provides flexibility to meet the specific circumstances of each project and business that we partner with.


One approach is based on a competitive initial fee structure where the client pays for only the resources applied and no unnecessary overheads.


A final success fee, agreed ‘up front’ is only payable to GPI if certain performance criteria are met.  This final success fee is entirely transparent and may take a number of forms, depending on the circumstances of the assignment and the clients business.


We can also provide a standard pricing structure including hourly or project component basis or a success fee only structure.  Our pricing approach is adaptable to meet our client’s needs and reflects the different nature of the projects we undertake.


Committed to Success/Sharing Risk and Success


Using the pricing structure based on initial fees and success fee, if we accept an engagement and cannot meet the agreed performance criteria, then we earn only incidental, incurred costs. As a result GPI has significant motivation and commitment to make every engagement a success. This is how we share the risk and success of the intervention with the client and key stakeholders. 


Extensive Experience


Our highly experienced team include former CEO's and Senior Executives from a diverse range of industry backgrounds with extensive experience in turnaround and business performance improvement. By partnering with GPI, our clients benefit by leveraging this talent pool of experience, knowledge and contacts.


Our team are adept at isolating the key issues impacting business performance, and to develop and implement an appropriate intervention and outline a road map for success.


Working in Partnership


We work closely with key personnel in the clients business providing hands on direction, guidance and support to identify causes, stabilize the business and then to help it prosper. We regularly deal with the following broad issues;


* Flat line or under-performing growth

* Profitability

* Cash flow and capital structuring

* Diminishing value

* Preparing for divestment, acquisition or re-capitalisation 

* Key Staff performance


Tailored Solutions


GPI has partnered with many clients to implement tailored solutions that work specifically for their business and key stakeholders. This has included any combination of the following;


* Exploiting existing or new markets

* Developing and implementing growth/expansion strategies

* Corporate Advisory support

* M&A advice or divestment strategies

* Financial structuring

* Organisational design and restructuring

* Business restructuring and re-organisation


Our expertise combined with the ability to deliver innovative and swift action to identify fit for purpose solutions enables GPI to provide a premium service restoring corporate stability and rebuilding value.


Our clients come to us because they realise it is time to act. Tinkering with the problem will often cause a situation to deteriorate further. The time has come for bold and often brave decisions to be made, and we are here to guide our clients along that journey and give them the required support and outputs to make informed decisions.