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Focus on Your Business

Over the past few years we have all come to acknowledge that today’s business environment is volatile and continues to change at a rapid pace.  In order to remain successful business needs to be informed and be agile to respond to changing circumstances.   


It is no surprise then that our clients have experienced difficulty across a number of fronts.  Declining business conditions have been the result of a combination of economic and industry factors in the external environment, often outside of their control. 


This however translates into real issues impacting on businesses including the following;


* Rising costs to business inputs

* Falling revenues  

* Shrinking customer base

* Competitor loss pricing

* Competitor intent on buying or protecting market share (often supported by a generous funding parent)

* Currency and interest rate volatility

* Changing regulatory environments


As a result many companies experience periodic distress and struggle to be agile enough to spot and respond to emerging challenges facing their business.


GPI has a successful track record helping companies that are under stress to realise their full potential and deliver measurable business improvement.


Experience shows us that in most cases our clients have at least one or more of the following key factors that have impacted on or contributed to them experiencing business difficulty;


* Cash Flow

* Profitability

* Increasing value

* People Issues